What is Google AdSense? Top 10 FAQs About AdSense

What is Google AdSense? Top 10 FAQs About AdSense

What is Google AdSense? Top 10 FAQs About AdSense – Whether you are old school to Internet marketing or Online business, or just learn how to make money Online with blogging for Dollars, the program Google AdSense is perhaps the first and most famous to make a program that You will ever hear.

Here are 10 questions Top I always get every time I do some teaching/training in Internet marketing to someone and I will answer each of them.

1.) So What Is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is an advertising program Online which is owned by Google. Google AdSense is a fast and easy way for website publishers of all sizes to earn money by displaying targeted, Google ads are not noticed on their website.

2.) How do I register for an account?

  • If You already have an existing Google account (Gmail, etc.), then You can apply for your Google AdSense Account new one for free on their website at the bottom of Your Google Account that is already there.

3.) How Can I Make Sure That My Registration Will Be Approved?

  • Today, it’s been very difficult to get AdSense account approved, especially when You’re new in the Internet marketing without a website or blog that’s already there.

4.) Can I Make A Lot Of Accounts Adense Under One Name?

  • No. You can only create one account ADSE under one name. You will be using one account ADSE for all the websites and blogs that You create.

5.) How Can I Start Making Money on Google AdSense?

  • After You get approved AdSense Account, then You are ready to start making money online. The easiest way is through Blogging for AdSense revenue.

6.) I’ve Put the Ads ADSE Me On My Blog Already. So How Do I Start Earning?

  • Google will pay the Publisher (that’s You!) when the guests 1.000 able to see ads on Your site or when visitors click on Your ads. The amount paid depends on the type of ads are shown or clicked on, or the Niche of Your site.

7.) Why Do I Get When Someone Click On My AdSense Ads?

  • When someone clicks on Your ad, the Advertisers would pay Google (depending on the keyword) a certain number then Google turn will pay a certain percentage of the amount to the publisher (You) because of the click comes from one of Your sites.

8.) So I Instantly Get When Someone Clicks On My Ad! Can I Click On My Own Ads Or Tell My Friends To Click On My Ads?

  • No. Once again, not very. This is contrary to the AdSense application and the Policy of Google to click Your own ads or telling someone to click on Your ads. And if You click Your own ads, Google can keep track of where the Click came from and then take it as invalid click or Click Fraud and will then ban You from the program forever.

9.) When and how can I get my earnings?

  • You can only get Your income from Google AdSense when Your earnings have reached $100 or above. If You have reached the $ 100 sometime in the month of December, Your payment will be processed on the 15th of January and will be completed at the end of January.

If you choose to pay by check, it usually takes 2 months or more to arrive at your door (which is based in the Philippines), but If you choose to pay by Western Union, once your payment has been completed, you can go directly to your local branch and claim the money of the Internet.

10.) Does Google AdSense Actually Legitimate? How Much Have You Earn From Google AdSense?

  • Yes. Google AdSense has paid Publishers over the years. I myself have to get a thousand dollars or more from Google AdSense and I highly recommend You give it a try. I know a lot of people here in the Philippines who are already earning thousands of dollars a month even without the work!

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