Kim Raisner Twitter And Annika Schleu Twitter Videos

Kim Raisner Twitter And Annika Schleu Twitter Videos

IndoGamein.comKim Raisner Twitter And Annika Schleu Twitter Videos, back again with me who will discuss hot news and of course you have been witing for, for that i will discuss the news about a woman riding a horse named kim raisner twitter and annika schleu twitter.

This video is really getting a lot of attention, especially those who witnessed the incident in person, when on the field it is clear that someone is interfering in the horse riders cry and can’t stand what is happening, it made the audience and players very angry because of that incident.

After that incident there were also some people who commented to removed the equestrian olympics because it was inappropriate and only hurt animals, even this incident got a lot of attention from twitter and other social media.

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Many people are angry because of this olympics, to immediately remove horse racing from the sport list because horses are not sport equipment, and twitter users also say horses are animals, don’t use them like tools.

In fact, many people from participating countries have urged the internatonal olympics to immediately remove equestrian discipline from the list of sports because horses sre animals, not sports equipment, even the players cried seeing the horses being treated like that.

Of course this incident was witnessed by various worlds because it was broadcast live, some were even angry when their horse was hit hard by the hand from behind which made the horse rider cry sadly.

The Final Word

It was the discussion about the olympics that made the whole world comment to removed horse are not sport equipment.

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