How we can get a lead marketing network even though there is a change in Google Ads

How we can get a lead marketing network even though there is a change in Google Ads

How we can get a lead marketing network even though there is a change in Google Ads – Google ads has made it clear that they will seek to be a network marketing opportunity that is suitable with the form of traditional advertising. Bad news for salary-per-click (PPC) cousins marketing. The good news for the Marketers of the original Network.

Marketing PPC always made me become a place of refuge for those who do not want to connect, but who’s good in the ‘close’ the sale. Advert PPC has to do pull (or push depending on the part of the PPC) for you. A really great talent that using this method is a good selling ‘wardrobe’.

What’s interesting is that Mike Dillard the author of the magnetic the author of the book find Marketing Term to say in the majority of the video, if You have the money PPC is the fastest way to grow your business. Well Google mengatakan’tidak again’.

They will come down especially hard on the Affiliate site and clone. I estimate that this step is 3 months ago on my Blog. Am I a fortune teller? No, I’m a thinker of a contrarian, I’ve always been told this.

One of the managers of my previous call saya’Cassandra’. My Greek mythology being rusty I was forced to Wikipedia: “the term comes from Greek mythology. Cassandra was the daughter of Priam, King of Troy.

Struck by her beauty, Apollo gave her the gift of prophecy, but when Cassandra refused the progress of the romantic Apollo, he placed a curse ensuring that nobody would believe Her warning. Cassandra goes with the knowledge of future events, but could not change this event or convince other people about the truth of his prediction.”

It’s clear to me that Google would ‘slap’ this type of business hard. My reasoning is quite simple. Business opportunities are happy to call their representatives, business owners, Partners, etc. but still want a dominant role. Partnership implies equality, and let’s be completely clear on one thing.

When you join a network marketing opportunity you’re not a partner. You are at the mercy of Your Sponsor if You have never done marketing or have already used earlier. So if You get a sponsor who is bad what would be the natural tendency when you want to lead?

You will become a hunter and search for your victims. Many people do this by using PPC keywords to attract people to the adverts and then sell the page with testimonials-made millionaire and pictures with phrases of money etc.

In addition they made a ‘fatal’ the promise, ‘You will never Phone the lead again’. Well call me contrarian, but if a real success in network marketing depends on having a team of front-line solid then not talking to people it seems a strange way to network.

The second problem with PPC is the ability of the marketing approach. You can not make sure all of Your team will achieve even a basic level of competence in the PPC. Why? Because people like me hate it. This is a mind game which is logical that fascinates some people and bores others. I’m in the camp of the latter.

PPC will be the province of a business that has products for sale to customers pure and simple.

This means that if You are going to get the lead for people to join the team network marketing You You You will have to use one of three methods:

Cold calls-using a variety of sources (both on-and off-line) to identify a segment of the workforce that could potentially have the skills to become a good network.

The Salesman is not always better market network by the way. Good network marketer is the ‘leader’ of the first. You will find the leaders among the already successful business people, the making of the mortgage, real estate, managers in most organizations.

You need someone who has worked in a team, has led the team and know how to build a team. Most sales people are driven by Commission and’ money now’, they are the’ shark ‘ kept looking for the next meal. They don’t have the time or patience to be trained or to build and develop a team before developing their sales organizations.

Network Offline-this will be the Board of Trade, local organizations such as the Network of International Business and a variety of other professional entities. Here You’re looking for to make sure You get the ‘card of their business and also give you. The bottom line is that person may not be your guide but they remember you must be a person in their circle like the opportunity that you have to offer.

Web marketing social-statistics that must be ingested. 1 year ago than 8 marriage in America is a couple who met on Facebook. Facebook added 100 million users in 9 months, Radio took 38 years to reach this level in the United States. Only 18% of TV ads that deliver a positive ROI.

The demographic is the fastest growing in Facebook is the age group 55 to 65. Twitter is growing faster than Facebook at this stage in its development. If Facebook was a country it would be the largest country 4th in the world. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world.

Now You can see why I stopped PPC and over the last 5 months have been developing my skills in the marketing of the social web. Is it easy? No. Could someone trained in how to get directions through social media-yes, give them to put in the time and wait. You have to do is two things:

Provide interesting, funny and informative Content for Your audience
Syndicate Your content by broadcasting it to Your network. If You listen to Your network first, see what kind of problems people are talking about and then give the answer to the problem of the content You will go ‘viral’.

Now you have to do is ‘involved’ with Your Audience, identify potential leads and choose the right time and how to approach them about Your opportunity. It is almost always through the Hub of the social web You – your Blog.

The beauty of his approach is the Google likes content generated by users to create the more links you get on your Blog the higher up the rankings naturally. The Blog you are doing pre-sorting and people choose whether to go to your sales page.

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