How to Use Google Analytics to increase traffic to Your site

How to Use Google Analytics to increase traffic to Your site

How to Use Google Analytics to increase traffic to Your site – You can use Google Analytics as a tool to drive even more traffic to Your site. Google Analytics is not only used to show from where the traffic came from and to tell the statistics about Your site.

A lot of people don’t know is that You can use Google Analytics to analyse Your website and increase Your traffic so as to bring more visitors to Your site.

First of all you might want to know a bit about Google Analytics and where it comes from. In April 2005, Google acquired Urchinquery Software Corp. and form Google Analytics. Google also use and acquired a map size and set it up as part of Google Analytics.

Google analytics shows some of the statistics and is very useful for web developers, Internet marketers and online business owners. Google’s choice to market it differently and have the premium version of the software tracking their popular, which is Urchined but they stop this product on 28 March 2012.

Google Analytics not only can track the visitors come from different places. It can track the visitors that come from search engines, referring web sites, social networking and the people who came directly to the website. This part is quite amazing of software, isn’t it? And it’s totally free to use.

I’m sure there are a lot of guides and reports written out there for Google Analytics such as How to Use Google Analytics, what it is, etc. But this article is different from the others. This article will tell You how to really increase Your traffic and guide You step by step how You can implement these tips into Your website.

Analysis is a good tool to check from where the traffic on your website derived. You can even go to the specific and tell the city where they came from, what browser they are using, how long they stay on your website. However this is all a great thing to know about Your site, but the main part to look at and at the Google Analytics for Your site is;

Traffic sources > Overview – this lets You know how many people have visited the website and how they visit Your site. This also lets you know the percentage of traffic you Direct, search engine traffic, referral or campaign. You can also use Analytics to track how well Your ad campaign and if it’s worth it for You to do paid advertising campaigns

Traffic sources > sources-clicking on the tab in the sidebar allows You to see which websites are referring traffic to Your site. This helps You to understand where the traffic is coming from so you can focus more on leveraging Your time and effort on top of site ranking.

Audience > Demograph > Location – allows You to find out where Your visitors are visiting Your site from and also how long the average duration is in between the other statistics. Good information for you guys to see which country is you want to sell on the website.

Be sure to keep a check on Google Analytics regularly to change the pattern in the traffic. Now, that does not mean sitting on the Analytics for 20 hours a day waiting for something to change. Check it out every week or so to analyze the stats and to see what traffic sources You can focus on.

It can be very profitable for You if You find out what keywords users use to find Your web site. On the dashboard of analytics if You first click on the Source Traffic in parts search engine, You can find out what keywords to wear Your users to find Your site. It gives you instructions on the keywords that you need to do and keywords that you ignore.

Make sure You spend more time on the site which brings You more traffic

This is one of the main things that you can do and also one of the most important things you can do. If You spend more time on the website that bring You more traffic and less time on the website that does not bring You traffic, You will surely exceed.

You will essentially eliminate sites that bring You less traffic. It’s like the Pareto Principle, or better known as the 80/20 rule, it is also used by Tim Ferriss in the four hour Workweek. This rule shows 80% of Your traffic will come from the top 20% of the websites are referring You.

To check from where the traffic originated and which sites give You the most Traffic please follow these steps:

Select which sites You want to see statistics from within the Google Analytics dashboard. Once You are done click on the Traffic Source

Once You are done click on the Source and Then click on the reference.

You should now see all the sites that called You and the site where the directing more traffic towards You. You can also see how long each user spends derived from a particular site and how many of these users are new.

Check out the site where that is not appropriate and focus on giving you the most traffic to a standstill. If Twitter gives you a lot of traffic, began to focus more on Twitter. If a Facebook favor Google then focus more on Facebook.

Start doing more of what works and less of what doesn’t work!
Produce more content popular with Your users

Check out the contents of which are already popular with Your users. Logical, the content that Your users have found it useful and see that at most, they will appreciate if You produce content that’s the same with him. If You produce more content of the popular will attract more visitors, which will get more people sharing Your content, which will then bring You even more visitors.

Here is how to check the contents of which are the most popular You:

To check which pages are most popular on Your site, go to dashboard analysis.
Click on the Contents tab in the sidebar and then click on site contents and all pages
When You have done this You should be able to see all the statistics about Your website including which pages are the most visited

Analysis of all the statistics. Develop content that is more similar to the pages that are already popular.
You can also create a poll or survey and ask Your visitors, what content they want on the site.

Write articles and content that is more popular Share content on popular social media sites
One last thing, You should focus on posting new content on Your days that the visitor is visiting Your site. If You post articles and new content on a day-to-day are more popular with Your visitors, You will certainly see an increase in traffic.

Google Analytics is a great tool to analyze where your traffic comes from a place of You and how many visitors visited Your website among many other statistics. If You don’t have an account with Google Analytics please click here.

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