How to get Your story to appear in Google News

How to get Your story to appear in Google News

How to get Your story to appear in Google News – Before we talk about how to get the story of your business into Google news, we have to talk about why. It is clear, of course, that You want the story of your business in the news.

But why did Google news is it?

Well, first, if Your business has been trying to increase her exposure in the web search organic or even Google shopping, a few more steps simple can get increase how much publicity You’ll receive, in an area where Your competitors can’t easily follow You.

Because you’re already creating written articles, you will probably get more than one benefit from them. You can create once, and profit in some way.

Google news is reliable, the source of the visitors who are repeatable, and they will usually come faster, while You wait for things like the organic Google Search Results to kick in.

Second, reading News is one of the main reasons why people log on to the internet every day. 85% of Americans over the age of 18 Use the web, according to Internet research Pew. 78% of web users have arrived here to read the news.

We used to read newspapers. Now we Scan news websites, headlines we find on Twitter or Facebook, and subscribe via email to industry news.

Because the main reason the majority of people come online to is to use a search engine like Google, You may be tempted to simply target Google organic search and be done with it.

However, consider this: if You can find places to get more customers ‘ eyes on Your message – usually much faster than the ranking of the keywords of the desired-isn’t the extra sales and leads worth Your while?

How the story of Your business ends up in the Google results News?

There are three Great methods. The first method, is to have a press release received by one of 50.000 publisher share 6 billion monthly clicks that Google News reserves exclusively for them. (Which does not include organic search traffic additional.)

For a small fee, there are a lot of media distribution service that will do this for you, for anywhere from $25 to $ 200 each time. You can also often find publication smaller who receive free or low-cost press release.

If you want to do this every day, it can add a little bit of money. However, this is not a bad technique to test the market with and repeat, say, once a week.

There are way more easier and faster.

It’s my favorite way to be published in Google news’m making My article was accepted by a publication that already exists on Google News. They are often referred to as a publisher of Google news.

You do not have to be a marketing genius to understand the benefits published in a leading publication with the byline that Points back to Your site, against the amount of money You will spend in advertising to get the same level of exposure.

This is a little more difficult to get into Google News this way because You may need to be approved by the editorial staff to be published. The publication of it might ask for exclusive rights to Your articles or original content. If You are not a writer, or not hiring someone full-time to write the content of the original, which can be a hurdle.

The reception is also not guaranteed. You can see this as a loss, or embrace the fact that it will make it more difficult for competitors to imitate marketing You and steal Your thunder.

You may be thinking “but who wants to read a story about the company timeshare me or furniture companies pet.”

And You’d be right – they are not. very important for this method for you to find out what the people You want to end up at a site You want to read, and write for them in an area related to Your product or service.

It can work for any industry – Google News publisher Site focus on everything from business Trip to the health of the pet.

And if Your niche is so small that You can’t quite nail it, there are many publications are publications about Your area. To overcome this, You will only limit Your story – remember, this article can still appear on the web or news search with Your keywords.

Failing that, there is a third method

It can take many tries and cost quite a bit of money. But there is a third way in Google News that, if You succeed, can bring You benefits for years to come. Simply create your own news, and make it acceptable in Google News.

Brand journalism is a growing trend. Why not precede the trend and be does not make the news, but be your own media?

If that doesn’t convince You, how about the division of the 6 billion+ click set aside for the Google news publisher? Each site might not get the same exposure. But the possibility of 40,000 to 120,000 visitors additional month is reason enough to try if you meet all other criteria.

Guide news publishers Google rigorous and frequent site was denied, which made this plan for the long term. So run the numbers for Your business and see if the back would be futile.

In the meantime, try other methods. They can help You get into the database of Google news, often faster than You can get the results of the optimization of the search engine of Your own site.

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