Get visitors to submit Google news

Get visitors to submit Google news

Get visitors to submit Google newsGoogle news is a new trend of SEO that are sweeping the web. The same as submitting your website to the version of the usual organic search engines, You can also submit Your site to Google News.

Once approved, your blog or your article will be indicated by Google, submitting your contents to the entire web.

How amazing is that? With this technique, You can jump directly to the front of the site indexed with other related keywords as You will appear in the news instead.

Like most things, when good things happen, people will abuse it and before you know it, everyone must pay the price for the abuse of some people. So if You try to spam with Your favorite affiliate then You will not get approved. Remember that.

The concept is a post Google News supposed to be “news”. A lot of abusers try to post reviews about their affiliate program, which Ruins other people. The post real news and before you know it, Your website will send the information to the entire website which will draw thousands back to your website.
To submit a web site, this is what You do.

Create a website that is associated with professional and news. Using WordPress for business is usually a good idea and there are a ton of good news related to the theme that is free to use. Set the main category relative to the news and make sure You do not have Out, external links.

Think of the “news” and make sure Your posts look like a news article with picture and all. Get about a hundred or more Articles dated for a few months.

Do You give up to Google and wait for them to approve Your site.

When Your site has been approved, try to stay away from the connection affiliate but feel free to monetize with networks such as AdSense. After You have gained a good reputation, You can slide some CPA offers as well.

Patience is a virtue and you should be careful when building the site for You. This gradually concept and should not be done during the night. Don’t forget to get some quality backlinks to Your site as well. This will add to the authenticity of Your site.

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