Get news blog or website is accepted in Google News

Get news blog or website is accepted in Google News

Get news blog or website is accepted in Google News – For every blog out there, get in Google News is not a luxury. It is important that affect their survival. The problem is, Google has very strict requirements for when to enter the site in the list of updates.

For example, to get news Google, Your blog needs to be something out of an organization, and not only managed by someone in his room.

The Blog You need to be business enough luxury that You have to run the entire page of the author which contribute to Your site. And in the end, people should be able to contact You with contact form standard – it can’t be the only e-mail. So many of the general requirements of the type of organization You have to.

There are some rules that are more specific they look, too. For example, every article You publish should have a URL for a page that contains a year. Also, they require You to submit a site map news put a full map of where on Your website or blog to every story within.

Google News will be happy to consider your blog news Your it for inclusion if Your business meets all these requirements. So what happens when You have to jump through all the hoops they and accepted? Soon, all the contents in Your blog indexed and can be searched in Google News.

They will categorize all Your contents and publish them in the bottom of each name of the category of the niche they have – and they can be quite thorough – they have a category for political, entertainment, science, within everything that can. Of course there are too many blogs out there for anyone to be able to do categorize manually.

Computer algorithms check every post in your blog with the comb teeth and decided, depending on the words you use, the category of what you post.

If your site or Your blog has been accepted for inclusion under Google News, You will not get traffic not only from people who are looking for on the site of Google News itself, You will get traffic from Google Web search.

To get the best results, make sure that the all the contents You have at least three sentences to each paragraph, and make sure that You don’t have more comments the user and then the contents.

You can get top ranking in Google News If You’re a new story right time, if You follow up a news article with Your story clearly enough, and if You get links from other people’s articles, and of course, if You happen to be in a place where the news originated.

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