Doing The Write Thing – Tips For Selling Copywriting Services

Doing The Write Thing - Tips For Selling Copywriting Services – Being adept at putting words together can actually jumpstart your career as an entrepreneur. Copywriting has had its ups and downs but it is still one of the strongest industries to ever come out of the Internet.

Whether online or offline, you can sell your copywriting services and enjoy a job that you like and will excel at. However, this isn’t always the perfect job. Find out how to sell this business and what you can expect out of it:

It’s difficult to sell a copywriting service when you haven’t got anything to show for it. To begin selling, prepare a strong portfolio of all the things you’ve ever written, particularly the good ones. This portfolio should represent you as a copywriter and should showcase your abilities.

If the articles you have written have already seen the print, you might want to indicate where they appeared and when. Include the URLs of websites on which your articles and write-ups have appeared as well.

Your clients have different goals for hiring you as a copywriter. Some of them simply require content while others want your copy to sell their products. If you have written copy that has contributed to an excellent advertising campaign, say so.

This may be an optional step but it is highly recommended to help you build a clientele and promote your service. Many full-time and part-time copywriters have websites of their own where they regularly provide content, write blogs, advertise their services and communicate with clients. Some of them even use their websites to sell content to their subscribers, thus supplementing their copywriting services.

Actively look for clients

Don’t just rely on websites and advertisements to find your clients. Go after them yourself. Start with people you know to help you build your confidence level and then ask for referrals.

You could also get in touch with individuals, businesses, professionals, private organizations, clubs and associations who might need your copywriting services. You could also seek out or bid on available jobs that people post online.

Standardize your fees

Of course, you could probably still earn decently by going renegade with your fees but it’s best to set the rates for your services. That way, it will be easier for you to determine how much to charge.

Take into consideration your qualifications, expertise and experience. Depending on the project, you might also want to charge for incidentals such as photocopying fees, extra time or manpower spent for the writing project, meetings with clients, etc.

Charges can also vary based on the type of writing required. Writing web content, for example, may not demand the same quality, style and expertise as writing a business proposal or a press release.

Pricing your copywriting services can be a challenge. You want to get paid and still be competitive at the same time. It can also be tricky; charge too low and you might not be taken seriously.

Charge too high and you’ll scare your clients away. Try to check how much copywriters in your locality are charging or how much is the going rate for a particular type of copywriting. Most copywriters, however, will charge from $45 an hour upwards, depending on the project and their background.

Seek out your satisfied clients

Clients who like your services are a good resource for selling your copywriting skills. If a client is satisfied with your output, always ask if you can use them as reference for future jobs. You could also ask them if they are willing to be part of your list of testimonials. Having real-life people to back up your claims will help you gain the trust of prospective clients.

Offer something for free

Some people just won’t buy until they have a pretty good idea of what the product will be. For some of your clients and would-be clients, your portfolio is often enough to convince them. For others, however, you will have to do so much more.

Types of copywriting services you can offer

There is more to copywriting than just writing something. If you have no clear idea of what type of copywriting services to offer, here are some of the things you can do:

  • Website Content
  • Press releases
  • Online and Print Advertising
  • Promotional Materials
  • E-mails for Direct Marketing
  • Newsletters
  • Copy for brochures, pamphlets and catalogs
  • Proposals for grants and businesses
  • Ghostwriting

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