Constantly Scan Google Scholar For Futurist Article Ideas

Constantly Scan Google Scholar For Futurist Article Ideas

Constantly Scan Google Scholar For Futurist Article Ideas – Do you want to write an article about the future? If You do You are not alone, because there are a whole bunch of people in Maryland called the society of the future world that is talking about and writing about the future.

They are called futuristic. Not easy to come up with the thought of new ideas and new ideas about the future, in fact some of the great science fiction writers of all time may be psychiatric just without the title. But how do they get what you’re asking?

Many of them are quasi-scientists, and better educated or learned better in the current research of their day. What they do is to read about each new discovery, or any part of PR that claim to new discoveries are on the horizon, and they projected that into the future, and consider all the potential applications.

As the author of the futurist himself with more than 2000 article on the topic in the last three years, I was one of the most prolific futurist Authors of articles on the Internet. Many people ask how I come up with all new ideas, inventions, concepts, and innovation.

Apparently, it just came natural for me, but I’ve got some secrets that I want to share with You in case You want to write more of the futurist article.

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One thing I recommend is to read all the scientific journals old that you can find. Often times people donated a whole box of this sort of thing to the friends of the Library, or thrift store, and You can buy it by the box.

I recommend reading all the abstract and think about all the potential applications of such a Revelation scientific can produce. I also recommend going to Google scholar and are constantly looking for all the new scientific article, in various fields of research based on the Date.

For example You may be looking for; “Nanotechnology October 2009,” this means the date will appear at the top of the paper, together with the word nanotechnology. You will be amazed at what You will learn in a very short time and all ideas will give You, providing You have the mentality of creative genius. Please consider all this.

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