Click Through or Affiliate – Minimizing the Risks Maximizing the Gain

Click Through or Affiliate - Minimizing the Risks Maximizing the Gain – Click through is often promoted as a way of generating an income. The system is a success for a few but statistically you have the odds stacked against you and there is a further twist. If you were to base a high percentage of your income on this product then in my opinion you are potentially at risk.

If the provider of the system detect what they consider as “invalid Clicks” they will disable the account and freeze all further activity. There are instances of accounts being disabled for a range of issues such as them coming from a local ID, a spike in activity, coming from what it perceives as pay per click sites, all of which the owner might be unaware of.

There is little or no room to appeal (by all accounts in spite of this being included as an option on the email) the decision, as many postings around the internet will agree. The larger organisations don’t advise or warn they just disable!

I had created a site and there was little or no activity on it other than myself, as it was being developed, and I had clicked on (literally) a few adds to see if they were appropriate. This was by way of auditing their content.

I subsequently get an email saying my account had been disabled. I looked on YouTube and there were many instances of this with little or no comeback. It was annoying that a faceless corporation can take this stance but on the other hand it was useful that it happened as I was creating the site.

If you had been a big promoter then the same would have happened and you would have had any money due withheld. For me it was a wake up call not to even consider putting all my eggs in one basket. The affiliate route is far safer in that it spreads the risk across a number of companies.

So in conclusion my advice is:- Dont expose yourself to total reliance on click through because if you do you are at risk of your income being switched off or (as you cant look at the adds) serve up the content that cant be verified as inappropriate.

There are many affiliate companies out there ranging from Amazon or CV creation companies or on-line retailers. In addition there are many digital products on Clickbank which can be accessed. As with all these ideas you will only get income if you get the users and that is dependent on traffic. Site optimization is a critical activity as is promotion.

My current thinking is to undertake a trial contract with an optimization company to see if they can get traffic to the site. If SEO works out I will continue the engagement if not I will do it myself and see if it is any better.

As an Internet professional I have been working across a number of large and small companies since 1994. managing the creation of websites. I am looking to understand Affiliate marketing and will post articles about my ups and downs on this journey.

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