5 secret Tool from Google to help you

5 secret Tool from Google to help you

5 secret Tool from Google to help you – During the days of old, write an essay or complete a task means to visit the library. In the new era, with the creation of the Internet, the successful research can be done by anyone with access to the network.

This article will show you how to use the 5 tools Google that strong to make the task becomes easy. Google Scholar is a Google tool that is little known. Made for the research community in mind, you’re just one click away from medical journals, scientific opinion and expert on matters that range from medicines to academic reports.

Although some research paper or journals may need to payment or special access, most sites have a summary of the abstract or journal to help You with your work. In fact, this can be a blessing because a lot of scientific journals that are not appreciated. Read the summary to save time and a lot of unnecessary headache.

Why do we show this tool first? The reason is simple. Reference to a scientific journal is a sure way to gain credibility and trust.

Google News to get the current news on your topic, head on to this part of Google. Gather the latest information from the site in the entire world and so this time, news of the post changed every few minutes.

The good thing about Google news is to have a search feature, allows You to search for any news item related to Your topic. If Your deadline is a few weeks away, You may want to subscribe to Google Alerts. This free service will email Your news items related to the keywords that You specify.

For example, if You are doing a research about ozone depletion, You will want to set an alert on the key word” ozone” and wait for the email from the Google team for any development or news related to the term. You do not need to search for information because with Google News, it came to you.

Google books if You hate web pages that turbulent information is not useful, why not search for information in the book? This way Your research will be quite balanced and it seems as if You have gone to the library to finish Your task.

With Google Books, you have access to millions of books available by publishers across the world. In the form of scanned, some of the books available in its entirety while others offer only a few pages from the contents of the book.

Yes, it might sound like if You do the research of the memo but some books offer a lot of pages, enough to fill the pieces of information You may need to complete Your task.

If too much of Your reference is a web page, You know it’s time to head to Google Books. This will save you a research paper from a thrashing by the teacher or lecturer you.

Google answered the question, and You will receive, it is recommended Bible. Well, when it comes to the Internet, if You can’t find Your information, just ask. Most likely you will receive the information that you need.

With Google answers, a real human will answer your question. Some ordinary people like You and me while others may be experts in a specific niche.

A service that is paid for, You may want to save cash hard You answer the first question. If you’ve run out of all options, this can be your Saviour.

Google Notebook this small tool is a small tool other Google is not known by many. If you do research online, you know how painful it is to find one piece of Information from the page that you saved from the Internet.

Google Notebook will make things easier for you by making sure You only save the part or paragraphs that relate to Your search. Better than that, he can also save the image and save the URL of the site automatically. This way You will know where You get your information and will make things easier when You compile a list of your references.

While this may not sound a lot, You will be surprised at how much time it saves and how more efficient the information You gather will be with Google Notebook After You use it, You will stick with it the next time You do Your duty, guaranteed.

This 5 tool created by Google is really useful for those who do research online. Other times You get a task, just remember the key tools-Google Scholar, answers, News, Notebook, and Google Books.

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