10 Steps How To Develop A Business Correctly

10 Steps How To Develop A Business Correctly

10 Steps How To Develop A Business Correctly – So, You want to develop the business, yes? You’re just lucky. This article will help You whether You’re planning to start a new or have an existing business You want to develop.

This is a step by step guide on how to start, improve, and expand the business while minimizing the loss on Your part. If You are a New start, please read this article carefully from the beginning. For those, who already have a business and would like to improve or expand, the last part of the article would be more useful.

Every business starts with an idea. You will find that the entire article, I have emphasized the mental aspect of society rather than aspects of the physical or financial. Call me philosophical, but the mind is where everything happens.

I have seen and experienced time and time. When your mind is already fully committed, literally nothing you can do. Let’s get started.

10 Steps How To Develop A Business

steps How To Develop A Business

Find Your Passion

To start a business, you have to figure out what makes you really excited. “Why is that important”, you say? The answer is simple. You really don’t want to get yourself stuck into the kind of work that You hate.

There is a lot of planning and executing involved in new business and if You are passionate about it, they will not feel like work at all compared with the type of business You don’t care. However, happiness is the end result of anything we do in life. Why not choose a business that will make You happy while doing it?

“When your vacation is complete, you have succeeded in life.”

How do I sell it

Now You have found Your passion, let’s find out how to use it to bill people who need the type of service You can provide. Even though You are the most ridiculous passion that never, believe me, there are millions of people who would be glad to have Your service.

As a matter of fact stranger and more unique Your passion is, the more likely You will succeed just because of the type of business has not been there. It also does not mean that if Your passion is something that is common or ordinary, You don’t have to do it.

Even if it is something that is common, if You really like it, You will always find a way to do different things than others and that in itself is a winner.

Let’s say that You are passionate about cars. You are more likely to succeed in a car repair shop, auto parts store, or shop repairs and modifications. Of course, there are many people out there, but if You like it, it will be one of a kind.

Maybe the shop had a waiting room where customers can sit and drink for free when they come to deliver or pick up the car, or you might have a free sticker COMPLEMENT to have to break them fixed. Once You are in business, You’ll find out.

The Planning

Write your idea unique personal and prepare a presentation. Take the time to do it. You don’t have to rush this part. If new ideas come when you’re in the middle of the stage of planning, don’t hesitate to change.

Edit and modify until You are completely satisfied and You can see a clear mental picture of your business. I can’t emphasize how important this is. You need to be really clear and sure.

If there are parts that are blurred, leave for a while, do something else, and come back to the table planning again when Your mind is clear. You will see then how are we going to re-use this step repeatedly.

One thing to keep in mind here is that I’m not talking about the “how”. At this point, you’re not thinking how you’re going to start a business. That will come later. Your focus at this stage is the”Whats”.

If You start thinking about “how do I get the capital”, You will ruin Your plans because You will start to think about things like” How do I get the capital”, the” How will I find the ideal place ” etc. The” Hows “will appear later when You are clear about the”Whats”.

Visualize Your Success

Now You have a clear picture of Your business, visualize how to look and feel when it is fully operational and successful. You can definitely feel the success. This again is another important stage.

Why do you ask? There will be obstacles to success. This is a picture that will make You go. This will also help keep Your team motivated in the future if You need to inspire them in times of difficulty. You, the leader, must have image of success in handy at any time.


You are clear about what Your business will be and You have a clear picture of success. Now, you’re already mentally prepared, so let’s get physical. The physical needs of the business including 3 terms of infrastructure, personnel, and Finance.


If Your business is a local car repair shop, You’ll need the space, office, storage area, and some furniture. If Your business is virtual, You will need a site or application-based computer. In any case, You have a clear image (step 03), so that You can make a list of the needs of infrasound.


If it is the kind of business that You can do completely on Your own, then You are it. If not, You will need some help. Use the 03, and find out how many people that You will need and what their jobs and the qualifications should be.

You may also look among Your friends, relatives and acquaintances who might have these qualifications and would love to help You at the beginning. Have a good friend or partner at this stage is very helpful. If You have friends who share almost the same vision as You, You have hit the jackpot. Things are much easier with a good friend on the side.


This part is a bit uncomfortable for many people. For this reason, many great ideas never see the light of day. Many will give up in this sector because they believe there is no money. If You feel that, please keep in mind that the financial industry is built on top of the great ideas.

This is their goal to invest. How else do you think the Empire State Building was built? One person did not enter all the money into it. The idea is great and is only supported by some financial institutions. The truth is there are a lot of banks, lending institutions, and investors who are looking for great ideas to invest in.

However, ideally You, as a business owner, need to have at least half of the initial capital you need. If You are currently in employment, You can start saving. If You already had money, started at once. If You don’t have anything, use your move 03 presentation to attract the brother of the rich, a friend or investors.

I have mentioned in the beginning of the article the importance of the mental aspect of the people. I want to elaborate on this a little more because finance is a big problem. Fear is the only true enemy here.

This is the only thing you need to overcome, and you have to deal with whatever happens. I will help You with some tips on how to do it, but You have to walk in this way.

First of all, there is nothing to fear. This is part of who we are. Just remember that “courage is not the absence of fear. Verily ye are in a state of fear and you’re still afraid of”. In other words, let’s face it. After all,”at the end of our lives, we only regret the things that we have not carried out or the possibility of our not taken”.

What’s the worst that could happen? We all die, and it is better to die quickly do something we love, than live a long boring doing things that are safe and convenient. Use the 04 and feel the success of it, and get out of there. Here are some of the types of fears you may have and how to overcome them:

Fear of rejection

Yes, you will be rejected. Not many people will understand what you are trying to do, so don’t be offended, and move on to the next. When you do Your presentation, prepare Your best and do it with passion. People invest in sincerity. I know I will.

I will invest my own money if I see someone who is really passionate about a project although I did not understand the business. Why? Because he will not give up until it works, so you have to pay to have the step 01.

Fear of losing

There is always a possibility of losing. After all, it is a new business and You don’t know all the holes and fall. Believe in yourself that if You make a mistake and lose, You will also know how to get out of it. This is Your idea, and You know best. Losses will happen when it happens, and You will know what to do later – no need to worry now.

Fear of embarrassment

Yes, there are people who will always have something to say especially when You are having trouble. You will be laughed at and ridiculed. However, isn’t it sweet when You come around victory?

How can you win if you never lose? Be prepared to take the shame and defeat, using step 04 through this time, and back a winner. People remember a hero-not an ordinary person.

I hope the tips on fear will help You solve it. Now You have to find providers of capital, there is one thing that You should consider. Find investors willing to wait for the business goes well, that should ideally 6 to 8 months.

There are investors, the bank or the lending bank that will lend you money but want to benefit them or the return of investment (ROI) immediately. This farsightedness.

A wise investor knows that if the business is not fully operate and he began to claim the money, the better will the Business succeed or he will get his money back. Therefore, choose someone who will wait. By doing so, the business safe and investors get a ROI.


Find Your place, find Your personnel, and go for it. Use your partner as a right-hand and the work of the divide. One can find a place and buy the furniture and the other can do the recruitment.

Hire the best people you can. Keep in mind that the first set of employees will be the core team You, and You should be comfortable working with them. Remember the steps 03, so that you will know how many people You need and what qualifications they should have.


Make sure everyone knows clearly what they are doing. Creating a policy job fair where good work is rewarded. Also, make sure that the employees who are not really up to the job given the opportunity and training before You let them go. Sometimes it helps to pair one employee with one of the poor so that the poor can learn from the good.

You can also make a plan of share earnings. This makes the Employees take care of Your business as if it were their own.


Market Your business and do it in a professional manner. Once You have established Your business, You have to reach as many customers as possible. You may ask a professional photographer take pictures of the facilities first, and asked a graphic designer to create a brochure.

Online presence is also important. Create a nice website. It is easy this time, but if You have the means, give it to a professional. See if You can make an application for smartphone for the service You provide. Promotional offers and discounts on the brochure and website.

Regularly meet the core team to discuss how to improve the service or reach more customers. Have an open mind, take all their ideas and choose the best suit You, and execute. These are some of the ways to sell Your business: marketing the door, Telemarketing, SEO, FIRE (Make a App), Ad.


Expand your business. You already have a business model now, so all You have to do is copy and paste, so do not resist the opportunity to expand. If this is a local business that only serve a local customer, go to another branch or start a franchise into other cities.

At this point, the financing should not be a problem. Many investors and financiers will gladly give you the money. If this is an online Business, expand a team of SEO support or Your customer, and the whole world becomes Your market.


Last but not least, create a balance in everything you do. From the first step until the last one, balance is the key. The lesson of balance is very large, but I will talk about in a second.

Too many bad things. Don’t work too hard until you lose your family, friends or health. Anyway, the money’s no good if You can’t share with people You love, or if You have to spend most of your money in a hospital.

You have to keep the balance between the business and your personal life. Also, no good idea can come out of You if You are overworked and tired all the time. If you feel stuck, go for a while and come back later. You will find a solution.

There are ups and downs in life and in business. And indeed, in devotion to God and concentrate to Him in prayer and other, There is the influence and the reward is the greatest.

God, Knowing good and evil you do, then give you a reply on you guys it. When You succeed, do not spend money unnecessarily on things that are not necessary. Also, when You fail, don’t give up because success is just around the corner. This is the darkness before the dawn, so “this too shall pass”.

You also have to create a balance between You and Your employees. You’re their leader. If you’re too hard on them, they will stop, or even worse, sabotaging the business. If You are too soft, they will play more than work.

In the end, all business is about people. From Your employees to Your investors to Your customers, balancing all the relationships. Share and enjoy your success.

The End Of The Article

Thus the explanation that we can convey in reviews of 10 Steps How To Develop A Business Correctly, I hope that what we convey in this can provide more benefits for those of you who have been reading.

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