10 Ideas Design A Web Site To Get Content You Registered On Google News

10 Ideas Design A Web Site To Get Content You Registered On Google News

10 Ideas Design A Web Site To Get Content You Registered On Google News – Let’s face it-there are tons and tons of web sites on this day of the internet, all offering a various type of content that aims to attract traffic.

But if You really want to ideas design website that bring a lot of traffic to Your site, get listed for a keyword search in Google News is one of the best methods.

Unfortunately, getting to the top page of Google News for almost every keyword is very difficult. For the most part, it’s all great players who garner the most attention.

That’s because large companies have the dollars and manpower to spend on the best SEO practices and design ideas site web. As a small business owner, you don’t have the same resources.

But, it does not mean all is lost. Google will know the smaller sites if they do the right thing. Here are the top 10 factors spider Google take into account when crawling the Web Looking for News Articles.

1. Authority

Google first consider whether Your website is seen as the authority for the category specific news. So, for example, when it comes to the topic of the relevant sport, ESPN usually gets the first billing.

2. Keyword title page

Not enough to use the keywords in Your contents; keywords should be in front and center with a place in the second title of Your article and in each page title.

3. Domain Authority

This is where a strong SEO campaign is very helpful. Google wants to see a lot of inbound high-level as well as links and mentioned via social media.

4. The Authority Of Social Media

The more often a article or blog post You shared in all social media websites like Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, the authority which they had – and that’s what Google likes to see.

5. The Publisher Of The First

Google’s site features the first to break a story at the top of the search results page for news on a certain topic.

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6. Rank Quotes

Just like social media sharing, Google wants to see that the site is a high level of others have been citing Your material in their own content.

7. The Contents Of The Unique

One of the biggest no-nos in SEO and Google News ranking post content duplication. For best results, do not even cite other sources, but posts only completely original material.

8. The Rate Of Click High

If Google News displays the contents of Your and many users click on it, You can bet that Your site will appear more often.

9. High Quality

The features of this website cannot emphasize enough, You have to post a good, informative, entertaining, high quality content. In the case of Google News, there are actually people who evaluate the content and rank in terms of quality.

10. XML Sitemap Google News

According to the Help page of the Google’s Webmaster, ” make sure that Your site is included in Google News . If not, You can contact us to ask for participation. A Sitemap news using the Sitemap protocol, with label specific additional News.”If You’re not sure how to set this up, contact Your webmaster for help.

Like it or not, the rules of Google when it comes to getting traffic to Your site. Use 10 ideas design website for the best opportunity to enter the search result of Google News to word your keys.

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